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Can i apply if my salary is paid in cash?

Yes if the salary has a EPF contribution with EPF statement support, however, your actual salary will be processed based on the EPF contribution basic.

Can I apply for a car loan if my name is blacklisted in CTOS & RAMCI?

You can still apply if the total blacklisted amount is not more than RM2000 provided you have a valid driving license, age 21 and above, and fulfill other requirements that set by the car finance institute.

However, if you're staying and working in Klang Valley, you can obtain another type of credit loan with limit RM15,000 (Local Brands) and RM30,000 for Japanese Brands Vehicle. The balance of down payment will then depends the On The Road car price, with other T&C apply.

If I am still studying and there is no proof of income, can I apply for a used car loan?
It is possible if couples 21 years of age or older or 65 years of age with a fixed income document are your guarantors

Where is the usercar located?


Click the link for GPS Waze
What is the required document for a car loan application?

1. Back & front identification card

2. Valid driver's license (can apply if none)

3. 3 month payroll slip

4. Latest 3 month bank statement (can apply if none)

5. Details of the KWSP details (can apply if none)

* Name requirements are not blacklisted, please contact our officer if your name is blacklisted

** One of the bank or credit card statement is required, if neither is available and cannot apply


If I am 18 and under 21 years old, can I apply for a car loan without a guarantor?

It is possible to clear your name without any blacklist or telco or other bills

How to apply?

You can click the "Apply Now' button to upload the required documents in PDF,JPEG,PNG,BMP,GIF,SVG,WEBP format,

complete the info and click submit, our staff will contact you as soon as possible.

May I apply if no driver's license is available?
It is possible that your name does not have any restriction on the list of debt arrears. If you have privacy restrictions, it is still possible to apply if a family member can be the driver of a driving license.

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